Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Knitting for Save the Children

Yesterday morning I came across a plug for knitting newborn caps for Save the Children at www.designmom.com. The instructions are provided here. It really couldn't have been easier!

I am a VERY novice knitter, and by the looks of my "craft box" in the closet (which contains no fewer than 3 half-knitted baby blankets), not very persistent. So if you are anything like me, this project, which gives a finished result in less than 3 hours, is just the thing for you!

I couldn't even remember how to cast on, so I went to You Tube and found more than I needed in terms of guidance (casting on). And then I was on my way!

This is what the cap looks like about a third of the way through. The pattern that is provided in the Save the Children pamphlet couldn't be easier - just a series of knit and pearl stitches, plus a few "knit two together" rows at the end.  And two hours later: VOILA!

I can't think of a better project for moms on bed rest. I think I might make one cap for every week I'm on bed rest and send them off to Save the Children with a $10 donation for each one (see website - this nominal amount provides valuable postnatal instruction to one family that can make a big difference).

So get out those yarn scraps and start knitting for a good cause!

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