Sunday, October 10, 2010

First-time blogger

On Thursday last week I received the unexpected recommendation from my OB to go home on bedrest. For the rest of my pregnancy. And I am only 23 weeks pregnant. Wow.

By way of background, I am an academic physician working full-time in a field and job I love, with an active 15-month old son at home and a fabulous husband, also an academic physician.  I haven't spent more than 2 days in a row in bed since....well, since I last had the flu, which was before vaccinations became the norm for healthcare workers.

The good news: That backlog of New Yorkers never looked so appealing. And didn't I always want to recite the complete works of William Shakespeare aloud from start to finish?

The bad news: Where to start? The guilt over leaving my co-workers to cover my practice, with no clear benefit for them. The guilt over needing my husband to take over nearly EVERYTHING about the day-to-day care of our child and household (although admittedly he was already doing more than his fair share). The list could go on and on, with guilt appearing in most entries.

My goals in creating this blog are many:
  • To work through some of the guilt...
  • To brainstorm ways to pass the time
  • To create a resource for other poor souls in this situation
  • To have some fun while doing it!
And so, with 17 weeks to term, here's to the adventure!

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