Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!

We survived Christmas. In fact, despite being lazy bums and not doing much outside of the house for 10 days, all in all we had a wonderful time. My parents made the wise (in retrospect) decision to drive up from Pennsylvania instead of fly, thus avoiding both the snow and the headache of cancelled flights. Kieran experienced his first snow, which he insists on calling "doe."

His mom resisted the kitchen set temptation and he settled for books and blocks for Christmas. By far the best gift was from his aunt and uncle, who very cleverly made a flip book for him with pictures of himself, his mom and dad, and various other familiar toys and scenes. He absolutely loves it, and now exclaims "Kee-Kin!" every time he opens the first page and sees himself smiling back.

Baby brother is still cooking inside and my scheduled C section less than 4 weeks away. Just three months ago I could not imagine getting to this point, but here we are in 2011, ready or not! My goal for the year is that I approach life with as much gleeful abandon as my toddler, minus the black eyes of course, and that by the end of the year, I have only one child in diapers. The latter may well be the bigger of the two challenges.